Hi! My name is Mayana Nell Torres and I am a multidisciplinary artist and student organizer raised in Brooklyn NY.  I use different avenues of creation to not only tell my own story, but amplify the ones of my community. I use my voice and passions to spread light and joy while also creating content based on being a college student and a young woman of color. I am committed to actively promoting the knowledge and mindset that supports global awareness of environmental and racial injustices. Currently the outreach coordinator at SustainUs, a writer with MixedMag, and a History/PJS/ Env Art undergrad student. I’m a gal in her early 20s on a journey of figuring herself out, and in this blog you can see what I’m about with a dash of humor and a sprinkle of randomness.  My hair is fabulously extra and sometimes hard to maintain, not so different from myself *insert humor*. Welcome to a journal of my journey.